Thinking about changing your accountant?handshake

Are you getting the service you and your business deserve…
Have you noticed that your current accounting firm:

  • is too big and you feel like just another number
  • is too small and they cannot deal with the complexities of your business
  • does not understand you and your business
  • cannot provide the services necessary to help you grow your business

then perhaps it’s time to take action. It’s easy with Dawn McLaughlin & Co Chartered Accountants

You may think that changing accountants is too difficult – or simply not worth the trouble. But with our 3 step approach it will be completely hassle-free.

  1. We will contact your current accountant and explain that you are moving your business to Dawn McLaughlin & Co. We can even draft a brief note from you to your old accountants to confirm the move.
  2. We will obtain copies of your accounts and tax computations from your agent and arrange for any of your books or records which they currently hold to be transferred to us.
  3. We will advise HMRC and any other government offices that we’re looking after your affairs.
    Changing accountants to Dawn McLaughlin & Co really is that easy.

To find out more or get a free consultation contact [email protected] or call our office number at 02871370886 to book in an appointment today!