Monthly Archives: November 2014

Motivating Your Team.

Learning how to manage a team effectively is one of the most difficult skills any manager has to develop. Keeping your team motivated, enthused and focused on the firm’s goals is critical to the success of your business, but how do you do that exactly? Here are a few tips to help you motivate your […]

Landlord Registration Process

All landlords must register before letting a new tenancy, or by 25 February 2015 if there are no new tenancies or changes to existing tenancies. If you do not register you may be committing an offence and may be issued with a penalty of up to £2,500. You can find more information on the process here!

Growing Your Business

THE EASIEST WAY TO GROW A BUSINESS IS TO KEEP WHAT YOU’VE GOT HAPPY! You can only lose your reputation once. Research has shown that if you upset a customer they may tell 11 other people about it! If you keep a customer happy they are likely to tell 4 other people about their positive […]

Annual Christmas Toy Drive

Dawn McLaughlin & Co, are running our Annual Christmas Charity Appeal, following the resounding success of the past six years! All that we ask is that, while you are out shopping, you slip an extra present into your basket. In these times of economic cutbacks, there has never been a more important time to contribute. […]