Monthly Archives: October 2014

HMRC Bereavement Service

In 2012, HMRC gave a commitment to improve their service for bereaved customers. Since then, they have been listening to what customers told them was important to them at a very difficult time and looked at ways to simplify their process. In particular, our customers felt that they should be doing more to: make it easy for […]

HMRC – Live Webinars

On the following dates the HMRC are hosting live webinars to assist with employment issues on a variety of topics. 24 October at 10:00    Statutory Sick Pay – FULL 28 October at 15:00    Statutory Sick Pay – OVERFLOW 29 October at 10:30    Getting Started as an Employer 29 October at 13:00    Using Basic PAYE Tools […]

Accounts, Bloody Accounts!

Accounts, Bloody Accounts. Do you feel frustrated and bewildered by your financial statements? Do your accounts make sense to you? Do you make best use of them for your business? Understanding financial statements is essential to the success of any business and yet in a survey carried out in Northern Ireland over 52{f9759586bde9aae26041f7c5d30a2f7e6dd9dbb8958c8825ec70079a0c78198b} of business […]

Planning For Growth

Planning for Growth   To direct your business towards growth, you need to have the appropriate plans in place. These will take account of where your business is now, and look at where it’s going and how it’s going to get there. A business plan will also ensure that you meet certain key targets and […]

Successful Networking

Successful Networking Make it work for your business. Networking is about building your profile locally and developing new relationships. A lot of business owners thrive in this environment and enjoy the experience however there are many that dread the prospect and refuse to participate. With current market conditions it is vital that you consider networking […]

Accounting Systems

So what is an accounting system? An accounting system has procedures and controls sufficient to collect, record and classify financial information. This data should be accurate, relevant and timely to enable you to fulfil all your filing and reporting obligations. More importantly it should facilitate decision-making within the business. Managing your business rather than the […]

Are You “LinkedIn”?

Do you have an online presence, free of charge and with unlimited space? More and more business people are using LinkedIn as part of their networking strategy. But thousands are still not harnessing the true power of LinkedIn. Whether it’s to keep contacts up to date, meet potential new clients or get the latest information […]

Work placements

At Dawn McLaughlin & Co over the past few years we have whole heartedly done our part locally to take on students seeking work experience, and will continue to for as long as possible. This gives our students a first hand glimpse at life in the workplace and gives them a solid foundation of experience and knowledge of […]

Christmas Toy Drive

Every year we also launch a toy drive in conjunction with St Vincent DePauls/Salvation Army in a bid to provide a special day for underprivileged youths. Each year that we have run this it has turned out a huge success and we can only hope that our future efforts are as well received if not more […]