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COVID-19 HMRC Support for Business

COVID-19 HMRC Support for Business HMRC has set in place a number of measures to support businesses and the self-employed concerned about the coronavirus (COVID-19) including phone helplines providing practical help and advice. HMRC have confirmed up to 2,000 experienced call handlers are available to support businesses and individuals when needed. I have set out […]

COVID-19 & Entitlement to Social Welfare Payments

COVID-19 & Entitlement to Social Welfare Payments 1 People with no work or reduced hours If your employer decides to close their business for this period and send you home. This is known as a temporary lay-off. If your employer cannot pay for this period, you can apply for a special new COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment. This […]

Employment Allowance Changes

Employment Allowance Changes

Are you aware of the employment allowance changes?  Most employers have been entitled to a deduction from their Class 1 NI bill currently worth £3,000 annually. Some businesses will lose their entitlement to the employment allowance (EA).There will also be general changes to the way that the EA works. Will your business be affected, and […]

Tax Free Reward for Staff Suggestions

Reward Staff Suggestions

Have you heard about the tax free reward for staff suggestions that will benefit your business? Rewarding staff for suggestions that bring benefit to your business can be done in a tax efficient manner. Yes, it’s a win-win for you and your staff with a maximum incentive of £5,000. Employee engagement In any business, the […]

A Strong Learning Culture

Develop a learning culture

A strong learning culture is important to Dawn McLaughlin & Co.  We believe in keeping ourselves and our clients up to date with all the latest developments in business and finance. Owners are focused on developing the people around them but who takes responsibility for their development?  Lead by example If you want your team to […]

Employer Branding

Dawn McLaughlin & Co branding

The businesses that attract the best talent all have one thing in common – a great employer brand. All businesses have an employer brand – it’s what your employees, customers, suppliers, peers and potential employees say about your business. A strong employer brand can help your business to compete for the best talent and can […]

Free Sage Digital Workshop

Free Sage Digital Workshop

Great news – Invitations for the next in our successful series of free Sage Digital workshops are currently on their their way to clients and contacts. As you are aware, we are encouraging businesses to move to a digital platform to enable a smooth transition for Making Tax Digital.  We really enjoy these digital workshops as […]

Tax FREE – Staff Party!

It pays to be aware of the tax-free benefits available

It pays to be aware of the tax-free benefits available to your business. In our experience businesses loose out because they don’t understand the rules. We see owners miss out on tax-free benefits or penalised for incorrectly applying the rules. Does your organisation have an annual Christmas party for staff? The tax rules also allow […]

How Is Your Work Life Balance?

This was one of the most difficult aspects of my life to get right. Like so many small business owners I felt I could not be away from the business and had to be there for my clients 24/7. The fact that my children were all grown up and had flown the nest made it […]