A Strong Learning Culture

Develop a learning culture

A strong learning culture is important to Dawn McLaughlin & Co.  We believe in keeping ourselves and our clients up to date with all the latest developments in business and finance.

Owners are focused on developing the people around them but who takes responsibility for their development? 

Lead by example
If you want your team to invest in their personal development, then you need to lead by example. If as owner you take time to learn and develop new skills, your team are more likely to follow suit. You may even be able to make suggestions to your team, based on your own learning and development experiences.

Embrace technology
Learning and development doesn’t have to involve taking several days out to attend a conference or training session. Why not take advantage of the ever-expanding range of learning opportunities Strong  online. The beauty of this is that you can take courses and attend webinars at a time that works for you.

Find a topic that interests you
There is no point trying to develop your skills in an area that you have no interest in. You want to feel motivated and keen to develop new skills. Do your research and find a development opportunity that you are passionate about. Personal development should be an interesting opportunity, not a chore.

Distractions can be a good thing
Focusing on your own personal development gives you an opportunity to step back from your day job. The best ideas are usually generated when you are off doing something new or exciting.

Taking time away from the day-to-day can help provide you with a new perspective.  When you get back to your desk feeling re-energised with new ideas you may even re-evaluate your priorities.

You should start immediately building that strong learning culture within your business.

Look out for the Dawn McLaughlin & Co sessions
We are advocates for making time for your own development. Our clients are always keen to avail of our educational sessions and hangouts. Our business partners ensure that we are a leading edge practice as they keep us ahead on every aspect of our profession. As part of a strong learning culture we recently had a great session with our Sage partner. They brought us up to date with all the latest developments in Cloud accounting. Paul Crosby from Sage trained our team and provided a very practical session for our clients.

The feedback was all very positive. Check out our video testimonial


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