EasyGrow “Building a better business”

“If you want to see your vision grow there are three conditions. First you have to have a seed. Then you need to plant it. And third, it helps if you remember to water it!” – Rob Parsons

4 out of 5 businesses fail within the first 5 years. Others just manage to get by with no real growth prospects.

Reports indicate that bad management and a lack of business skills are to blame for 56{f9759586bde9aae26041f7c5d30a2f7e6dd9dbb8958c8825ec70079a0c78198b} of these failures.

It has also been found time and time again that businesses that plan and seek professional advice and business training from the outset have a significantly greater chance of being very successful.

EasyGrow is designed to help overcome the hurdles that trip up 80{f9759586bde9aae26041f7c5d30a2f7e6dd9dbb8958c8825ec70079a0c78198b} of businesses, exploring how you can grow your business and providing you with the support you need to become highly successful.

This is a 5 month training programme for forward thinking business owners. Each monthly session will last 3 hours and will include group discussion so you can develop the ideas you learn together.

It brings business to life with its rich mix of practical exercises, tools and techniques. Sessions highlight the problems you face as a growing business and the impact these have on you as an owner/manager. It will enable you to build a solid foundation priming your business for success

The programme will include the 5 keys to building an even better business and will look at

  • Your business – where are you now and how you compare to others in your industry
  • Planning for better business results
  • Understanding growth dynamics
  • Looking at growth insights for your business
  • Building the organisational capabilities to make it happen through systemisation

During the course of the programme you will build a Primer pack of useful tools and resources to record your learning, establish your actions and support your growth.

Preferential rates

You will be entitled to discounts of up to 5{f9759586bde9aae26041f7c5d30a2f7e6dd9dbb8958c8825ec70079a0c78198b} on any new services purchased for the duration of your membership.


As a small business, we understand cash flow pressures so to assist you we can spread the cost over 5 months with our EasyPay payment scheme with no additional charges.


If at any time you do not believe you are getting value out of the programme you can cancel your sessions and standing order at no additional cost and no further commitment on your part.