How Is Your Work Life Balance?

This was one of the most difficult aspects of my life to get right. Like so many small business owners I felt I could not be away from the business and had to be there for my clients 24/7. The fact that my children were all grown up and had flown the nest made it easier to stay at work as there was no home demands.

The older I got the more I realised the importance of time. Life is short even if we live to 100, it’s still way too short, so it’s important to make every day count. 

Here are 5 practical steps to achieving that work life balance:

  • Build a great team around you and don’t be afraid to delegate
  • Learn to work smarter not harder
  • Prioritise your workload
  • Systemise your business and processes
  • Limit time-wasting activities and people
  • Book time off in your diary and hold firm to your arrangements

Taking time out is not easy so start with small steps. A day off or a weekend away can be a triumph at the beginning. Once you experience some success you can learn to build on it. If I am being honest I use the time off to do the enjoyable tasks such as updating my technical skills and social media. Loving the freedom and choice at long last.

2 thoughts on “How Is Your Work Life Balance?

  1. Gary Duddy says:

    Very true Dawn😁. I find it hard switching off with just starting out last November in my business. I have had to be tough with myself by leaving my phone in another room for a couple of hours each night and enjoying family time with kids and wife, it is so important, but also hard for a start up and because l absolutely love what l do, it makes it harder too. On holiday now and so enjoying the relaxation. Everything cleared up with customers before l went. Very good advice Dawn😁😁.

    • Dawn McLaughlin
      Dawn McLaughlin says:

      Glad to hear you are enjoying your holiday Gary. Life as a small business owner can become addictive and take over everything else. It becomes very difficult to put it down and enjoy life and we find so many excuses to justify the long hours. Awareness of the problem is the first step, planning time out is essential and sticking to your plans is vital. Have a great holiday Gary and we must catch up when your back.

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