What can I say about this beautiful friendship…

Maoliosa Bond,   Facinatin Rhythm

What can I say about this beautiful friendship. Dawn was and continues to be an inspiration to me. Dawn has convinced me over time that her words were mine and said I actually understood my accounts very well. Even if that is only slightly true. She has given me confidence to believe in myself as a business woman. To be taken serious when things are important to me, even when the world thinks I’m crazy and even when I’m going through a crazy stage she dilutes the problems so I feel  better. I feel I have stepped up a gear since Dawn has been at the helm of my business. I look upon her as a silent partner who has the best interest of my business in hand. Dawn has a wonderful capability of making your business her business and making you feel like you are in control. I could not ask for a better partnership or friend. I am sure my business needs are at top of her daily duties and if you are lucky enough to have Dawn as your Accountant you will feel like this too.! 

Maoliosa Bond,

Facinatin Rhythm